One of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and several iconic publications' iconic model and a respected actress, Liberty Ross shares her ultimate runway experience in an interview with After a marriage failure, she has been receiving more film and modeling offers, making this as her major strike back on fashion modeling--walking in with Alexander Wang's during the New York Fashion Week

One of the most coveted runaways for a model to walk, it was the talk of the town that became a bit of a career boost for Ross as she went back at 35. In the interview with Liberty Ross, she mentioned how Models both on Fashion Photos and Runways have voices and ideas with their own unique crafts, in a very much of performance. Compared to being an actress, she finds it much more complex in the world of modeling. 

"As a model you're on your own, getting to work bringing what you might need. In modeling you just keep going. It's so different when I'm on the runway, I get so extraordinarily nervous. It's wonderful to walk for a designer in one way. there's an art to be perfected when on the runway. "

- Liberty Ross

She describes Alexander Wang's show as "very clean and straightforward". Making it one of her most memorable runway shows she'd walked into; that took them hours to prepare "it's a circus in preparing for a show." In the midst of all difficulties in her life and so within the industry, one thing that she advises everyone to do is to have to find their inner zen especially when there's so much madness around. 

A strong and innovative woman, Liberty Ross chose to rise above the ashes of her past life. She never ceases to mesmerize the people around her. It was a remarkable leap for her to get back on the modeling track, various fashion designers loved how Alexander Wang made an interesting statement with his designs, absolutely perfect for Liberty Ross' comeback.

"I always feel nervous, I had my protective rock in my hand. It was fun being part of Alexander Wang's show. I love the studio works so much. Wang's Show was great for me. "

- Liberty Ross