LEGO is currently back with something new to quench your wanderlust after releasing an 11,695-piece world map through its ART series.

The LEGO GLOBE is a project created by Guillaume Roussel, a 23-year-old Frenchman who proposed it in early 2020 as part of the LEGO Ideas division. This 2585-piece kit includes a glow-in-the-dark globe made from customizable vintage bricks and embellished with words printed on them that light up when exposed to UV light. After the globe is built, it may be turned to spin correctly in order to show the Earth.

The globe was inspired by the tales of Jules Verne, according to Guillaume. Jules Verne was a 19th century French author who wrote pioneering science fiction novels, including "20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea."

"I was always fascinated by Jules Verne's imagination," Guillaume said. "You can discover countries you've never heard of through his books because he did so much research on all the civilizations and cultures back then. His writings are like a treasure hunting map, where you can interact with the world and discover new places. I wanted to make something "Jules Verne-like" with LEGO bricks."

LEGO Ideas is where people submit ideas for LEGO sets they want to see created. This program gives fans the chance to help create what they think should be part of LEGO's next collection. It could be a product, an icon or even a whole scene from popular culture.

Anyone can submit their idea, but it must be something that can be replicated using LEGO bricks and has to show how the ideas would look on the box art if it were to become an official set.

Guillaume explained, inspired by Jules Verne's novels, "I asked myself, 'what could be creative, educational, and appeal to the greatest number of people on Earth?’ And the answer was simple: ‘the entire world.'”The LEGO Ideas 21332 The Globe set is now available for purchase from February 1, at a cost of $199.99 USD through LEGO.