The personal typewriter of LEGO Group founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen is the newest IDEAS kit to come to life. The typewriter measures 10.5” x 4.5” and is constructed up of 2,079 parts. It includes a working roller than can feed actual paper, a carriage that moves each time you type, functional keys, and a central typebar that rises with each keystroke.

The high-grade LEGO typewriter set also includes a written and signed letter from the chairman of the LEGO group Thomas Kirk and fourth-generation member of the family that still privately owns the company to this day, as a fitting homage to the forgotten art of writing letters.

The typewriter’s initial concept originated from an idea delivered by a LEGO fan named Steve Guinness into the LEGO Ideas website. This was an effort by LEGO that planned to bring fresh ideas conceived and voted upon by different fans into reality. In Steve’s concept, he explained that he wanted to build something completely different from everything that LEGO has ever released and to prove that one can truly make anything out of LEGOs. In one of his studies, he purchased an antique typewriter and began to experiment on a few bricks with the mechanism in mind until he became satisfied with the design. He hoped to bring a nostalgic feel to older LEGO fans like himself, as well as amazement and interest towards new fans who may have never seen a genuine typewriter.

It is easy to understand why the antique typewriter continues to be popular, and Steve’s amazing reproduction is a worthy success story from LEGO Ideas. The retreat from the technological age to the simplicity of a typewriter is akin to the deliberate process of building with LEGO blocks for many people. The typewriter Is a LEGO set that perfectly blends these two worlds, and is surely something LEGO enthusiasts will be pleased to exhibit in their homes.