Bored Ape’s latest Mega Mutant Serum has sold for an impressive $5.8 million USD, according to OpenSea.

The item (NFT) was the second most expensive purchase on the decentralized marketplace ever, and also broke the previous record set by its predecessor: a Mega Mutant Serum #69 which went for $3.6 million USD in August of this year.

The latest Mega Mutant Serum (NFT) formed part of Bored Ape’s Chem Club collection - a range of 10,000 NFTs which vary in rarity and value - each one represents an asset from the company’s game Virtual Universe (VU).

Red Dragon is another item from the collection which recently made headlines when it was sold for a staggering price of 1.1 million ETH (over $4 million USD).

The Mega Mutant Serum #69 also holds the record for being one of the most expensive items in CryptoKitties’ collectible marketplace, where it went for 888.88 ETH - this record has since been beaten by another CryptoKitties item, the Genesis Cat, which sold for 1 million ETH ($390 million USD).

"It’s fascinating to see that blockchain assets are capable of holding their value in the way traditional commodities do", said OpenSea founder Devin Finzer. "Even after the December bull run, CryptoKitties are still running at a 100x valuation since their launch. But now it’s not speculative - this is becoming real value."

With his latest purchase, Chain CEO Deepak Thapliyal joins the growing number of blockchain influencers to own an item from Bored Ape’s Chem Club."It’s great to see people like Deepak succeeding in their missions of building decentralized web 3.0 on top of blockchain systems", said Bored Ape CEO Sebastian Strzalkowski. "The game Virtual Universe is the first step towards this vision, and we’re excited to see what the future holds."