Lady Gaga hired a psychiatric nurse to be on set with her during the filming of "House of Gucci." The film tells the story about Patrizia Reggiani, who orchestrated the assassination of her husband Maurizio Gucci, heir to the luxury fashion house. “I brought it home with me,” Gaga told Variety. “It was very difficult for me because of the darkness that I had to bring with me home because her life was dark."

Adressing her real-life mental health struggles, Gaga also revealed she has PTSD and suffers from anxiety disorder. "That’s really one of the reasons why I wanted to be part of this film so deeply because I was struggling greatly with mental health issues and PTSD at the time," she said. "I actually had to take a break from music and it’s important for me to talk about these things because so many people out there have it too."

She added, “It’s a very painful condition but if you can learn to manage it you can transform your life.” Based on her own struggles, Gaga said she related to the complex "House of Gucci" character and took comfort in knowing a nurse was on set with her at all times should she need one. “I felt safe enough to go as deep as I possibly could,” Gaga added.

While portraying the role, Gaga became fascinated with Reggiani's life and admired her for taking control of it even in the face of danger to herself or her children. “She’s strong,” said Gaga. “I got off the film feeling inspired by Patrizia to take responsibility for myself in my life and not be a victim anymore."

The pop star also worked closely with "A Star Is Born" director Bradley Cooper and Oscar-winning producer Jon Peters on the project. Gaga shared that she learned a lot about herself while creating "House of Gucci". She said, “It was such an amazing experience to be able to dive so deep into this darkness and know that I’m going to come out of it on the other side."