Kylie Jenner is being criticized for ripping off Trixie Mattel's cosmetics line, according to reports. On Monday, Jenner shared a sneak peek of the Kylie Cosmetics's upcoming Valentine Collection on Instagram, including two lip kits, lip balm, lip gloss, blush sticks, highlighter, fake lashes, and a pressed powder palette. The internet, on the other hand, was unable to help but notice the resemblance between Trixie's lipsticks' heart-shaped boxes and those created by Drag Race star Trixie Mattel, prompting a slew of allegations that she had copied Trixie Cosmetics.

"OH HELL NO!" one person exclaimed. "We're not gonna let Kylie Jenner rip off Trixie Mattel's makeup."

Meanwhile, many others were discussing whether Mattel would sue Jenner, speculating about "the joke of Trixie showing up to the courtroom in full drag filming a YouTube video of the proceedings."

After all, Mattel is now a billion-dollar company that does not need any additional revenue from its customers. As for whether or not to collaborate with another brand or release her own line of toys under her own name, she has yet to make a decision.

Trixie Mattel started with her own vintage-looking makeup line with Vice, which includes "lipsticks with custom art" under the name Trixie, according to VOGUE. She used the same branding to launch her cosmetics brand, Trixie Cosmetics.

On Monday, Mattel shared an Instagram post in which she claimed that Jenner copied her lipstick box designs for Kylie Cosmetics. "I am flattered that a billion dollar company [thinks] my $12 lipstick is high end enough for their shelves," she wrote. "Sike, I'm kidding. I made that box and label at Staples in like 15 minutes on Microsoft Paint."

Mattel continued: "I love the Kardashians because they are honest and hardworking... But I will not stand by and let them screw over other artists like this." But she's since branched out into other products like dolls and chairs designed to look like her. Meanwhile, the new Kylie Cosmetics collection is set to launch on February 5.