BAPE has launched (B)APETAVERSE, an NFT community that will provide BAPE fans with exclusive content and other possibilities, as previously rumored.

"All creatures of the Metaverse, come pay your respects to The King of Apes, whose new visage will be revealed very soon," it adds. There will be 10,000 unique NFTs in total, and the artwork appears to depart from the usual pixel-art and drawing-based styles that are prevalent in the market by using a more lifelike digitally created appearance.

BAPE’s new announcement is part of a larger push by traditional fashion brands into the NFT space, following supreme’s announcement in May.

The (B)APETAVERSE NFT Project by A Bathing Ape is about the clothing brand's entry into the non-fungible token space as a means of distribution. This means it is a way to distribute NFT content such as clothing, accessories and other various items that will come.

10,000 unique NFTs will be created for this project. Each NFT has unique characteristics that makes it different from all the others - its own breed of ape. The form factor will be based on the popular .png image file format.

The NFT project will launch in 4 stages, with the first stage including a T-shirt release from A Bathing Ape. Stage 2 will include accessories, whereas Stage 3 is clothing and accessories, and stage 4 is limited edition apeture product(s). The apeture product can be anything but something that has never been done before by A Bathing Ape, such as an album to hold and display your NFT collection in/on.The overarching theme to the release will be: "Create a brand new world for fashion lovers." The difference with 4 stages is that each one marks a major change in the design platform, so we can expect it to be refreshed, upgraded and repositioned.