If you Googled "refinement," Kim Jones' Dior Men's Winter 2022 show would come up. The Jones debut was a success, as the fashion world paused for just over 11 minutes to witness a genius in action. With Jones' design director Lucy Beeden and footwear designer Thibo Denis at his side, the runway show made international headlines.

It was a demonstration of mastery, as the collection was completed with hats by Stephen Jones Millinery and shoes from a Birkenstock collaboration, which combined classic styles with Dior's simplicity and frequent use of gray. Moncler's models strolled onto the runway in Moncler, and there were nods to military history - as well as Dior's heritage - while London-based fashion designer.

But what made this show stand out was Jones’ ability to infuse every fabric, accessory and detail with a subtlety and quietness that felt like an embrace. It was an ode to his craftsmanship as well as those who will carry it on in the future — and he did it while still making us want to wear these clothes right now.

If there’s anybody we need in today’s fashion climate, it’s a tastemaker like Jones, who has always been dedicated to his craft and has never given into trends. So when we caught up with him after the show, we wanted to know what more his past six years at Dior have taught him.

Jones has always been known for being incredibly hardworking himself — it’s part of the reason why this collection is so memorable.“I believe you need to be organized. I'm organized, but not excessively so. I begin my day with some emails and then proceed to more emails, fittings, and so on until the end of the day. It's quite planned out because Dior has a very rigid schedule."