Featuring a 20-item collection from a collaboration between the prominent American rapper Kid Cudi and BAPE--considered to be the brand's largest collaboration with a musical artist. The collaboration accentuates a special edition G-shock watch, hoodies, t-shirt and accessories.

The lettering "MOON MAN" is embedded on the leather and wool varsity jacket's right sleeve, with Kid Cudi's face--patched at the back of it.  Featured in camo hoodies, caps, and shirts is a Kid Cudi-Astronaut illustration blending in a galactic theme. Also, the denim and sweatpants where the iconic term "MOON MAN" appears on these items. Lastly, the BAPE branded G-SHOCK watch (special edition) highlights its pink and bright red strap. All these are now available online; you may grab items at BAPE Website.