Supreme is a brand that we can always expect the unexpected from, and it's never disappointing. The brand's Fall/Winter 2021 collection brings us more of what we have come to expect from the legendary streetwear imprint. However, this range offers some key takeaways, which may inform future line.

As Supreme has become such an iconic name in streetwear, it's hard to look at their collection and not see what is coming next for other brands.

The biggest takeaway from this season is that Supreme seems to have caught on to the recent fashion trend of athleisure. One-third of the products are either tracksuits or sweatshirts with impossible-to-miss logos emblazoned across them.

Another thing that stands out is Supreme's foray into outerwear. This isn't the first time Supreme has released coats and jackets, but it does seem to be a recurring theme now, with several standouts like an iridescent shearling trucker or a black nylon parka with the words "SUPREME BOGOTA" running across the back.

Supreme also continues with its theme of '90s high fashion, which has been a mainstay in recent collections. This season features several pieces that can be described as "high fashion," like the boxy jacket or the silver and black down coat. These items are interesting, but they don't feel very accessible and could potentially alienate fans of the brand.

In terms of location, it's no surprise that Supreme chose to use Bogota as a backdrop for this collection. The mountainous city in South America has been one of the main inspirations for streetwear designers over the past few seasons. It makes sense to feature a Latin American city as the setting for a collection that takes influence from the '90s.

While this season is definitely interesting, it does feel like Supreme has neglected its more casual fans. Outerwear and athleisure are not concepts that the brand's core demographic will necessarily be drawn to, especially since Supreme has always been so grounded in street culture. This fall/winter, Supreme seems to be drifting away from its roots and towards high fashion.