The remarkable Japanese fashion designer Kenzo Takada founded the worldwide brand of perfumes, skincare products, and clothes Kenzo.  Last October 4, 2020, was one of the saddest days in the fashion industry, as Takada's death shook everyone following his battle with COVID-19. A bitter-sweet goodbye that numbed and surprised several members of the industry. 

To honor the pioneering works of Takada, Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Kenzo's Creative Director, initiated to revisit the past collections, digging into the archives and restored several videos from 1978 until 1985 — arguably the late designer's glory years. 

Baptista finally launched Takada's colorful vision reimagined, with a modernized approach celebrating the founder's works. According to the Creative Director, "Collage, cut, paste, erase, draw, turn them inside out, then upside down, dissect them, pull them apart, and back together again. Sketchbooks were filled with collages, drawings and pictures of possibilities. Possibilities of a new narrative, a new collection, a new silhouette, new clothes, new functionalities, new sensualities. Possibilities of a new world. A world without borders, prejudices, and stereotypes," The collection highlights several of Takada's favorites, including "Landscapes, hortensias, birds, chains, roses, stripes, pansies, tulips, and cocktail glasses." Everything that he loved starred in Kenzo's Fall/Winter 2021 Collection. Check out a preview of the entire collection at Kenzo's website.