Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, stretches from the eastern end of Clinton Hill to the Williamsburg-Greenpoint border. You'll encounter several massive brick and stone buildings along the streets, mostly old, and some are abandoned. Interestingly the streets that intersect with Kent Avenue are named after those who signed the Declaration of Independence, including  Rutledge, Penn, Hewes, Hooper, Ross, Wilson, and Keap (Thomas McKean). 

Featuring the favorite "selfie central" located at New York Waterway's ferry dock at Kent Avenue and N. 6th Street, just the right place to take snapshots with Manhattan skyscrapers, including the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and Citigroup Center in the background. 

Also, at Kent Avenue and South 4th-5th Streets, there's an abandoned 1882 building structure of the former manufacturing company, Domino Sugar. Back then, the neighborhood would describe the place as a lively area where the production would release a caramel breeze that would cover the nearby community. Nowadays, since the lot was abandoned, they are eyeing the place to house art exhibits instead and support New York's growing art community. 

It's a whole lot of stretch, and there's more to discover in Kent Avenue. Let Homeless Penthouse take you on a quick tour along this road, hop in and enjoy the view!