The Kardashians just love to up their extreme abodes with distinct styles. Supermodel Kendall Jenner flaunts her cozy Los Angeles home in an interview with Architectural Digest, featuring her glamorous, classy "spanish-y, farmhouse-y vibe" mansion in AD's September cover story. 

"I like a house that has character; when I walked into this place, I was immediately drawn to the peaceful Spanish-y, farmhouse-y vibe."

-Jenner, Interview with Architectural Digest

With the help of the remarkable designers' Waldo Fernandez and Kathleen and Tommy Clements, they created a serene space with a Mediterranean-style home highlighting its minimal palette. The living room's peculiarities make the space even cozier, with large sofas, a fireplace, shag rug, and a wooden beamed ceiling. Featuring a 300-pound stone sink that seems to have been carved from a cliff makes it more like an earthy style home. 

Contemporary artworks are seen around her home, paintings and sculptures from well-known artists are displayed throughout. Featuring the works of James Turell, Barbara Kruger, and Tracey Emin's light sculpture too. 

The renovation took immense work, with significant structural changes. One of which is converting two bedrooms into a fitting room and a glam room, highlighting framed magazine covers as to where she was featured. And also, expanding the shower room with a standout piece-brass tub by Catchpole & Rye, flaunting her glass doors with good views of trees surrounding her house, an exit to her pool and a spacious backyard to enjoy the sun and breeze.