Always with a goal to brighten his own life as well as that of the gay community, Keith Haring was relentless. Yellowpop, a home design brand, is now working with his organization to ship the artists' most famous pieces in full Technicolor.

8 of the late artist's signature street art - including the dancing man, barking dog, and blooming heart — are now available for purchase as LED signs in celebration of his work. Set against the backdrop of New York's flourishing art scene in the 1980s and 1990s, the pieces will be available in two sizes ranging from $3,800-$5,000 USD.

The works are part of his Experience Project, which centers around the idea that everyone has an experience whether it's living with AIDS or being queer or being a person of color. "The project is about giving people a voice, and Keith gave a voice to a lot of people," said Debi Mazar, actress and friend of Haring's.

Haring's work has always been about bringing people together and making them feel included. By teaming up with Yellowpop, his message will continue to reach new audiences and help to brighten up their lives, just as he always hoped.

"Haring's art was all about breaking boundaries and communicating with everyone," said Yellowpop cofounder Alexandra Posen. "We wanted to bring his art into the mainstream and help people express how they really feel inside."

Signed and numbered by Haring and shipped with a certificate of authenticity, each sign costs $1695. A portion of the proceeds goes to Keith Haring's Life Is Living foundation, which was founded in 1995 as a public charity supporting contemporary artists."We want to support living artists, who are carrying on the tradition of Keith's work," said Jeanette Hayes, Haring's former assistant. "His life was about giving people permission to be themselves."