Keanu Reeves is known as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood and this past week, there was another story about the actor's kindness. A new report suggests that the Matrix star donated 70% of his salary on the film to cancer research after meeting with a friend who was battling leukemia.

According to the Lad Bible, the Hollywood heartthrob met with his best friend while filming The Matrix and learned that he had developed leukemia. Without hesitation, Reeves gave him $5 million of his own money and an additional $15 million on top of his already sizable salary.

"My best friend was diagnosed with leukemia, and I saw him a month later, he looked very different... I took that to heart," Reeves said. "I read this article about this professor who had hung himself in the basement after trying to use his research to save his son."

The article was talking about David Steffenson, a researcher who spent years developing a gene therapy treatment for leukemia. After learning that the drug had been approved for use by the FDA, Steffenson's son became ill and he injected him with the experimental medication. The young boy died just days later, but it inspired Reeves to donate 70% of his $10 million salary and do everything he could to help find a cure for cancer.

From giving up his subway seat to helping stranded air passengers, every anecdote that emerges about him is a delight and now we can add yet another sweet gesture to his long list of wholesome moments.

According to Lad Bible , Reeves donated 70% of his earnings from the original The Matrix movie to cancer research, which included the $10 million he was paid upfront and the $35 million he earned after the film's premiere.A representative for Keanu confirmed this report, telling Lad Bible that he has indeed given away about $75 million throughout his life.