Let's face it - you're probably in need of a vacation, so pick up your Gorp gear; China's Changbai Mountain is KAWS' 8th HOLIDAY destination.

Next time you're in China, you might want to check out Changbai Mountain. It's in the country's Northeast, in Jilin Province, and it has recently been announced that 'KAWS:HOLIDAY' will be displayed at the Mount Huangshan Scenic Area of the mountain resort.

Mount Huangshan Scenic Area, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will play host to KAWS' wintertime installation just in time for the new year.

Covering over 133 acres of Zaoqiang County's Huangshan Mountain Range, Mount Huangshan's Changbai Waterfall has been transformed into a large sculpture by the artist.

HOLIDAY: 'Polar Bear at the Waterfall' will include a large cast of KAWS' signature bear with his signature color palette and soft, cuddly likeness.

Since 2000, holiday installations have been synonymous with KAWS and this is just one of many to come as he continues to travel to different destinations for his seasonal installments.

With KAWS' 'HOLIDAY' installations growing in scale, it will be interesting to see how this Huangshan Waterfall project compares to past works such as the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art's 'Stuffed Ringer,' which measured at 46 feet tall and 49 feet long.

Even those with a scuffable world map poster may not compare to KAWS' passport stamps. Despite the challenges that global nomads have faced in recent years with travel, the painter's HOLIDAY has continued to appear all around the world, inspiring wanderers to discover new sections of the globe.

In the past two years, KAWS:HOLIDAY has visited Seoul, Hong Kong, Taipei, Virginia Beach, Mount Fuji, Bristol and Singapore.

Changbai Mountain is located in Jilin Province in China's Northeast region.The artist's latest installment will be featured at Mount Huangshan Scenic Area in the county of Zaoqiang.