The “KAWS: HOLIDAY” artwork has travelling over the glorious beauty of the English countryside the last time we saw it. The iconic COMPANION hot-air sculpture was announced to make an appearance along The Float @ Marina Bay in Singapore for its sixth visit.

The artwork was created in collaboration with AllRightsReserved, a creative agency in Hong Kong, and is fully supported by the Tourism Board of Singapore. The gigantic 42-foot artwork is shown reclining and caressing a tiny counterpart of itself. The figurines will give Singapore’s already renowned skyline a new dimension.

“At a time when international travel may be difficult for many, I am grateful for the opportunity to bring art experiences to diverse locales through the ongoing HOLIDAY project and am pleased to visit Singapore for the first time,” the artist shared in one statement.

A limited number of KAWS:HOLIDAY SINGAPORE collectibles will be released to complement the tour. A 10.5-inch COMPANION will be offered in black, brown, and grey for $285 USD, reflecting the larger mural. Two tank top variations will cost $50 USD, while cheerful fans will cost $30 USD and a limited-edition camping outfit will cost $750 USD.From November 13 to 21, KAWS:HOLIDAY will make its premiere in Singapore, and the collection will be made available on the DDTStore on the same day.