What does a collaboration entail?

However, there's a good chance that once he was on board, KAWS would have had to agree on some minor details with the design teams. As you might expect, long discussions and several samples ensued. If you're as well-known an artist as KAWS is, it's reasonable to assume there'd be a bit of baggage.

When breaking the news about the collab, our friends at included a quote from KAWS saying, “I’m grateful to be working with like-minded collaborators on this one.”

It's an exciting time, of course. While many of you are simply dreaming about the next yummy brunch spot to hit up in your new region, some of us are staying in bed, playing with our phones and scratching our heads at the latest streetwear news.

The latest trending topic is Kaws x The North Face (TNF) x Futura. The three artists are coming together for a collaborative collection of outerwear that has taken streetwear social media by storm.

But, what exactly is the Kaws x TNF x Futura collection? What do we know about it so far?

Well, for one thing, you can expect a North Face Element series jacket, a backpack and a large-scale art piece to be produced as well.

The design team behind the project is said to have been inspired by Futura's signature lettering and KAWS' bold forms. What we've seen so far from a few teasers posted on Instagram don't disappoint.

But, what's with the name “Kaws x TNF x Futura?”

Well, that's a very good question. As it turns out, it was Kaws who came up with the idea of using "x" to signify their connection and collaboration in fashion together.

The two artists will also be appearing in an interactive installation at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) in London that will explore this new brand identity.We'll keep you posted on any updates, but for now, sit tight and watch the collab drop later this year.