KAWS TOKYO FIRST” was the first ever large-scale exhibition in Japan that showcased KAWS, a well-known streetwear brand based in Brooklyn. The exhibition had over 150 pieces that ranged from commercial goods to fine art, and it covered the whole career of KAWS, from his earliest works to his most recent ones. The exhibition chronicled his distinctive creative growth and process, as well as the importance of historical art that encompassed paintings, sculptures, and other different objects worth recognizing.

The earlier “KAWS TOKYO FIRST” show in Japan was presented at Shibuya Parco back in 2001. Two decades later, the graffiti artists returned to Tokyo with the intention of returning to his origins and roots. And this time, exhibited a body of work that paid homage to the past while achieving new heights.

Guests were shown augmented reality pieces and interactive “KAWS: PLAYTIME” activities for youngsters amid the miniature figurines and paintings. KAWS’ own art collection were also displayed to create a full studio environment.

KAWS has always had great affinity towards Japanese Culture. They have also served as a constant source of encouragement and inspiration for other artistic endeavors. Commemorative merchandise were also made available for purchase on the official website of the exhibition.