It's true - there's no KAWS:HOLIDAY without The North Face. Or, to put it another way, the pair's forthcoming "KAWS XX" range may imply as much. I'd go so far as to state that we're living in KAWS' universe at this point.

Seriously, the artist's mark is all over the place. If you really wanted to live a KAWS lifestyle, it wouldn't be that difficult; he's been working with Reeses Puffs breakfast cereal, CDG — on both apparel and perfume — sacai, Supreme, and Nike in recent years.

With the arrival of KAWS' first-ever The North Face collection, launched as an extension of the newest KAWS:HOLIDAY installation in 2022, the consistent flow of collaborations continues to amass steam.

The range is composed of a puffer jacket, pullover hoodie, baggy cargo pants, The North Face's signature "Summit Series" parka, along with accessories to match.

KAWS' signature Companion character appears on the majority of the apparel pieces. When it comes to detailing, there are also eight custom patches that come with the collection, which can be found on all of the aforementioned garments.

We've seen collaborations with that many brands before, but this one is different. It'll be the first time The North Face has ever worked alongside an artist on a "branded" collection (i.e.; not just apparel or accessories) – something that KAWS has been gunning for since its inception.

What's more, it's a step in a brand new direction for The North Face, too. If this is the first time they're releasing a piece of product with an artist, then what does that say about their future? What's next? That, honestly, is the most interesting part of all.More than anything else, this collaboration gives us an insight into how The North Face sees itself; what its identity might be in the future; and, ultimately, where it wants to go. And that's something that consumers ought to pay attention to.