A new KAWS collaboration has received a fresh drop from the brand's new Companion offering, this time around based on familial ties. KAWS' latest Changbai Mountain stop for KAWS: Holiday saw the artist continue themes from his family, such as the snow-like sculpture that looked like a kid Companion sitting on her guardian's lap. With the newest update, the theme appears to continue.

The "KAWS FAMILY" line features two versions of the KAWS BFF Companion, including a Chum holding a newborn-sized Chum Michelin Man and a Chum holding a tiny baby. KAWS unveiled the news on Instagram, debuting a Companion in the original gray design and the Chum Michelin Man and BFF in neon pink. The “KAWS FAMILY” is the name of the group, which is represented by various sizes and characters.

The name "KAWS" was first used by the artist in his solo exhibition at L.A.'s Deitch Projects, which he held in 2012. In a recent post on Instagram, KAWS announced that the Chum would be introduced as an additional model for 2019. He revealed the news with a classic gray Companion and the Chum Michelin Man, which is also releasing alongside the multi-sized "KAWS FAMILY".

The KAWS COMPANION has been a staple in his recent works, most recently "50 Cents" at Yuz Museum. The sculpted figure has been the artist's signature character since its grisaille unveiling at Art Basel Miami in 1999.

The work of KAWS is distinguished from pop art by a sense of elusiveness and a subtlety that transcends the limits of a simple image, blurring the boundaries between production and consumption. He has been exhibited in solo exhibitions at Punta della Dogana, Palazzo Grassi, ICA Boston, Whitney Museum of American Art, New Museum, Brooklyn Museum and Guggenheim Bilbao to name a few.It's certainly not the first time that the artist has taken on a different take of his BFF. Last year, it released in a bevy of new renditions via his World tour, including one featuring an Astronaut dog populating the moon. The "KAWS FAMILY" is set to be made available at KAWS shops worldwide and online, while the price remains unknown.