KAWS has unveiled a first look at his special toy collaboration with characters Mukku and Gachapin from the popular Japanese television series “Hirake!” after teasing the idea on Instagram early last month.

The children’s television series initially aired in 1973 and quickly became a commercial success that spread to different ads and events. In a show that can be compared to Sesame Street, Gachapin, a green bucktoothed dinosaur, and Mukku, a furious red yeti, engage in a variety of amusing competitions. The “KACHAMUKKU” figure combines the bodies of both beloved figures into a single creature with KAWS’ signature “XX” eyes, a simpler body frame, and a skull with crossbones. In addition, the toy will be available in a blacked-out version, which is consistent with most of the artist’s previous work. “KACHAMUKKU” will make its debut during the KAWS TOKYO FIRST show, which ran until October 11 at Mori Arts Center Gallery and was the largest exhibition of work in Japan. The figure will then be available on the KAWS website at an unannounced time.