KAWS’ signature COMPANION figure has been around for over two decades, and the Brooklyn-based artist has also commemorated the occasion – as well as the conclusion of a tumultuous year – with last year’s COMPANION 2020 design. COMPANION 2020 was released as laying down, muck the like HOLIDAY JAPAN figure back in 2019. It is, however, prone, as opposed to its predecessor’s comfortable posture. It appears dejected and weary.

The figure’s characteristic detail it its flattened face, torso, and legs, which allows it to be exhibited appropriately on any level surface and adds a comical touch to its rather grim message. It comes in popular black/yellow, gray, and brown/tan/green color schemes. “In true 2020 fashion,” KAWS posted way back on Instagram, “part of the COMPANION 2020 cargo is stranded out at sea,” thus the release of COMPANION 2020 was followed by a modest replenishment of his BFF and HOLIDAY SPACE figurines. To know more about more iconic piece, head over to shophomeless.com.