Brian Donnelly, or the man behind KAWS, is one of the most sought-after artists of the new generation. Though he began his career as a graffiti artist and ever worked as a background animation painter at Disney, it is his large-scale toy figurines that have established his fame. The 45-year-old artist built a massive floating artwork in a lake in Seoul, designed a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day themed parade balloon, and made works worth more than $1 million.

With so much excitement about the artist, admirers are eagerly anticipating the unveiling of a new work. And, last year was the time to find out. The sculpture by KAWS, named WAITING, was unveiled last October 2019 at the Greenpoint, a new premium apartment complex in Brooklyn, as per Architectural Digest. The installation included one small and one large KAWS sculpture, totalling more than 20 feet in height, and was placed just outside the property near the India Street ferry stop.

In the moment of calm and reflection, the piece represents KAWS’ iconic COMPANION character, with a big protecting figure making a caring or family gesture to a smaller figure. These larger-than-life figurines in WAITING gaze out over the water, greeting local commuters at the pier, as well as welcoming locals, neighbors, and foreign tourists to the booming attraction.

According to the developers of the project, Mack Real Estate Group, KAWS was a compelling option for the waterfront location due to their headquarters in North Brooklyn. The closeness also served as a source of inspiration for KAWS.

The project’s developers believed that the one-of-a-kind sculpture has served to bring the community together where public art became a distinctive focal point – pulling people together through moments of shared delight and though-provoking debate. WAITING has had a lot of potential to Greenpoint and they are, to this day, still looking for possibilities for intelligent art pieces in different areas.