The famous American professional singer Katy Perry eventually ascertained a buyer for her 7,418-square-foot luxurious Mediterranean style which she purchased from the Philanthropist Aileen Getty back in 2013. With 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms all in laid-black chroma. The compound has several elements, the main house, a two-story guesthouse, a gym area, and a security house. 

The master's bedroom is the very highlight of Katy's $8.5Million compound, featuring the overwhelming high-ceiling windows, french doors with access to a spacious private terrace, own separate fireplace, and a Roman-style soaking tub at the core of the chamber under a skylight. 

The meditation gardens in the back yard made the place peaceful and calm, with a refreshing vibe from its cabana, outdoor pizza oven, swimming pool, fireplace, and a fountain.  Perry is finally letting go of one of her treasured property and sold it for $8.95Million. So far, with her growing real-estates in California, a million-dollar worth of guest house and Beverly Hills mansion she can enjoy it with her family and several friends for a while.