Kanye West has placed a large handwritten note on the front of a GAP outlet in Chicago, following the surprise news of a 10-year contract between GAP and Yeezy. The hip-hop icon conveyed his gratitude for the chance to work with the American retailer, and he also revealed that he is remodeling the location of the Magnificent Mile, in anticipation of forthcoming releases. He mentioned that he recalls shopping at the exact GAP store, even before he was a celebrity.

The message, which was emblazoned over one of the outlet’s street-facing facades, indicated that Kanye was engaged in altering up the color schemes and design for his collaboration with GAP. The location appears to have been chosen to be renovated since it is the same store where West used to shop for himself. The customized banner (which immediately became a popular area for Instagram snapshots) is also one of the latest in the long line of Kanye West’s projects honoring the city where he grew up in.

Analysts believe that West may have saved GAP, wherein they have witnessed their sales decline in recent years and how the brand has been accused of lagging behind competitors and failing to update its “anemic lines” of apparel. Oliver Chen, a Cowen analyst, tells Forbes magazine of how younger clients, who care more about streetwear nowadays, can help reinvent the directive fashion of GAP into a more accessible and growing brand.

The YEEZY x GAP collaboration has gotten a lot of attention in the fashion world, with Kanye announcing a series of initiatives with creatives including Nick Knight. While there was not much information about an official release date just yet, we may expect further announcements in the near future.

Despite a few fears over the potential cancellation of GAP’s collaboration with Telfar, in favor of GAP and YEEZY, shareholders have overwhelmingly praised the deal with West, sending GAP’s stock prices soaring.