Kangol bucket hats were the first popular "bucket hats." It is one of the oldest hat makers in the nation. For years Kangol has been recognized as an authority for all things to do with headgear, especially bucket hats. - Kangol was founded in Croydon, London and since 1887 it has been the go-to brand for Kangol bucket hats.

To this day, Kangol is at the forefront of all things headgear related, Kangol has grown to become a household name with regards to Stetson bucket hats and stussy bucket hats. Stussy is another one of kango's respectable brands that offer stylish and good quality kangol bucket hats.

Noticeably, Kango is a global brand but kangol bucket hats have always been one of Kango's best sellers in the United States. If you are an American or planning on visiting the states anytime soon then it will be wise to purchase a kangol bucket hat especially from Stussy because kangol is not available in the United States as Kangol has no physical stores.

For Kango, kangols are a staple, kangols are worn by everyone and even celebrities have been seen donning kango kangols. For instance kanye west was spotted wearing kango kangol hats, as were other hip hop musicians kanye west wore kangol hats and Kanye West is not the only one kangols have been spotted on other hip hop stars like 50 Cent, Gang Starr, and Rick Ross. 

Kangol come in a variety of styles: kensington and kensington chukka are some kangol bucket hat styles. If you want to buy kangols then it is not advisable to go for imitations, only buy Kangol bucket hats from authorized sellers such as kensington kangol chukka make sure to only buy kango products from websites that are authorized sellers, if you do this then there is no need for worry.