Julia Fox was said to have had a romance with Kanye West's arch-enemy number one. The actress reportedly had a short-lived relationship with Drake, who initially sent her an Instagram DM praising her work in Uncut Gems (2019). Fox reconnected with the rapper after they broke up a year later, and she was still in her relationship with Artemiev — who she has a one-year-old son with.

Sources claim that Fox and a companion met up with Drake for drinks at the Bowery Hotel in New York City in February 2020 before he showed up to her promotional event at Bloomingdale's, which closed down to accommodate his visit. According to reports, she then flew to Los Angeles for Valentine's Day with Drake, who gave her two Birkin bags as a gift. Fox is said to have driven up from Toronto to visit Drake at his home in Toronto as well. She returned to the United States just before the epidemic closed the border, however.

Fox first started dating Artemiev in 2016, and they eventually got back together after breaking up. However, after splitting up for the second time, Fox began dating Ye when they met this New Year's Eve in Miami, with their relationship continuing to get attention as his divorce with Kim Kardashian came to an end.

But all of this may be a little bit exaggerated. Given their history, it's easy to understand why sources claim Ye is "not thrilled" about Fox's past relationship with Drake.

The pair lit up their 12-year-long beef once again through rhyming disses and shady music videos in September, with Ye even doxxing Drake at one point. Yet, following the "Free Larry Hoover" benefit concert, the two seem to be on better terms.Most recently they went public at Ye's birthday party, where Drake even gave Ye a birthday cake. The Canadian rapper has not made any comments about the rumored relationship with Fox, but he did confirm the reaction to "I like it" was authentic on social media.