Kim Kardashian is no one to Julia Fox, so don't even try it. Julia Fox is proving that she's no copycat, especially when it comes to Kim Kardashian. Last night, the Uncut Gems star responded to a recent Page Six headline claiming she was "channeling" Kanye West's ex by wearing a droopy blue breastplate from Jacque Label that was "similar" to the Studio Silius chest molds Kardashian wore last November. However, she was quick to correct the misconception on her Instagram Story with a screengrab from last Halloween.

She added, “FYI I wore this on Halloween 2021 and was supposed to be a slutty Smurf. I forgot to submit it."

Fox's statement comes after she praised Ye as her "favorite makeup artist" and was given a complete hotel suite full of Diesel as a surprise. Still, Kim Zolciak has continued to push back against the naysayers who said she was dating Ye solely for "clout," claiming that she found it "hilarious" because she was getting so much attention but that she didn't care.

"You know what? You can take your own advice. You can't make everyone happy," she said in response to a fan who wrote that she should please the other "Kim K stans".

During her appearance on Loose Women, Kim Zolciak also disagreed with Jamie Foxx's jab at Kanye West while talking about their new film together, Django Unchained. The actor revealed that he "backed up" his co-stars when they decided to cut West's cameo from the movie because of the controversy surrounding him and Taylor Swift.“People say, ‘Oh, you're just in it for the attention; you're in it for the clout, and you're in it for the cash,'” she said on the "Forbidden Fruits" podcast last week. "Honey, I've been with billionaires my entire adult life, let's keep it real.”