Jonathan Saunders has been educated in furniture manufacturing and product design despite having worked as a fashion designer for many years, thus his path into introducing new furniture items under his surname “Saunders” has taken him full circle. His work has become very personal towards his experiences and as he has developed a full body of work as a creative, it has pushed him to do new things in his life.

Saunders launched his initial effort into furniture-making last February, just as the world was about to close down pre-COVID, and this second collection expands on that offering with additional models. Although he characterizes the transition from fashion to furniture as a “jump,” he sees it as a logical progression of his well-known colorful graphic handwriting, one that is both gratifying and complex.

If his most recent collection of homewares is of any indication, as a former chief creative office for Diane von Furstenberg, is that he is dead serious about furniture design. While the collection is Saunders’ second release under his namesake creative label, it does revisit some of the familiar shapes he has introduced since last year, while also elevating them with the use of bright colors, metalwork, and screen-printing.

The screen-printed appearance is particularly evident on the metal-framed “Flood Chair” and the hardwood “Flood Screen.” Big sheets of colorful textiles, mixing in blends of orange, green, yellow, creamy browns, khaki, blues, black, brown, and more make-ups to boot, would look great in large open areas as a dominant flash of color.

Tables have also been produced by pouring paint into resin to create a cloud-like sculpture for the tables’ unusual top. While other works such as the pyramid shaped “Renfew Table in Bone White,” are more dramatic and interpretive.

Throughout his career, Saunders has become accustomed to dealing with a visual language. In this collection, he wanted to play with elements that show more moments of spontaneity and that felt unintentional. The finished items are all one-of-a-kind.