Jon Bernthal is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe once more as he returns to reprise his role as Frank Castle (a.k.a The Punisher) in Season 2 of Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’. As has been revealed, this season will be adding new characters to the storyline as it spans several new locations as well as taking a darker tone as it explores the character's psyche.

In a recent interview, however, Bernthal expressed his enthusiasm for possibly joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe through other media such as film and/or animation. When asked if he would join the MCU or retain his role at Netflix, he stated:

“Truthfully, my heart is with ['Daredevil']. That is one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve had in my career and it was so good and it was so important to me. And for a lot of people [who] probably don’t know, when you do these series they live with you forever. I was doing a scene recently and somebody brought over their kid and the kid was so excited, so happy because 'Punisher’ is such an iconic character. It would be hard to say no to something like that but there are so many things going on in the world right now and it’s just not something I can comment on because I don’t really know about it”.When asked how he would feel if there was a solo Netflix series for The Punisher that didn't crossover with any of the big screen characters, Bernthal stated: “I think Jon Bernthal is Frank Castle, I always try to humanize him even though he does horrible things. I think he’s a tortured soul and the fact that he has these extreme moral values it means, even though what he’s doing is wrong, it comes from a very just place in his mind. And of course, I would love to do a 'Punisher' film. That would be an amazing thing and he’s a great character. Again, it goes back to your earlier question of whether I want to play a superhero or not. I don’t know but if Marvel was interested, sure, I’d love to have the conversation”.