Best recognized for his infinitely surrealist sculptural faces, Kent Jones is most renowned for his unique creations. Avant Arte has collaborated with Jade Catt on two beautiful new ceramic pots, Open Mind.

As one of Hong Kong’s most successful artists, it is no wonder that Johnson Tsang has been invited to create two new ceramic pots for Avant Arte. Best known for his unique surrealist style, the sculptor pairs with the Spanish design store on Open Mind — a beautiful piece rendered in white glaze against black highlights, making the long-eared face of a child plump and inviting. A message from the artist, the piece is part thank you to his former self for being brave enough to pursue what he loved most. What’s more lovely, however, is the second open mind that Tsang has created in conjunction with Avante Arte — a white piece with blue, yellow and red accents.

“During the development process, our thoughts are open to a variety of possibilities that may eventually lead to a completed product, resulting in the phrase 'with an open mind.' My ceramic works are driven by my personal philosophy of life where happiness can be found in everyday living by embracing what life has to offer through optimism and an open mind,” explains Johnson Tsang.The charming and innocent atmosphere of this lovely cafe emanates from the work of artist Stanley Tsang, which is influenced by his time as a police officer for 13 years before turning to art. The latest collaboration features a young child's chubby face and conveys a message from Tsang to his former self: thanks for having the bravery to pursue his passion. “It's a pleasure to meet you,” Tsang said as I shook his hand. “I'd want to tell you how wonderful you are to me,” she finished. “You opened up your mind, listened to our inner voice, and invited me to join you. You taught me that life may be lived like this.”