Dakis Joannou, an affluent Greek-Cypriot industrialist and contemporary art connoisseur, tapped artist Jeff Koons--who is deemed one of the most prominent, influential, famous, and controversial postwar artists; together with the renowned Yacht designer Ivana Porfiri to design an art-centric yacht. At 115" long, Guilty is Koons' most significant piece. It features a bright geometric exterior pattern modelled after the "razzle-dazzle" camo used by the British Royal Navy during World War I.

The patterns present on the yacht's sides symbolize the idea of pyramids and mirages. On top is a larger-than-life image of Iggy Pop as a "contemporary Dionysus." Serving as a counterpoint to the bright exterior, It helps to showcase Joannou's extensive collection of art.

The inner walls and roofs are all white, with huge windows--taking advantage of the natural light. Having a central staircase with transitioning colors from magenta to a medium-dark shade of cyan-blue and eventually Quinacridone Gold. The main cabin comprises the 180-degree view top deck, with neon lights over the bed, with an exclusive terrace in its master's bedroom, plus four guest cabins featuring glimmering works of the finest artists worldwide.