One of the most influential and famous American contemporary artists will showcase his works at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art this Month of March!

"Regarded by many as the most important, influential, popular, and controversial living artist in the world, Jeff Koons is a unique cultural phenomenon, whose resonances and influences extend far beyond the confines of the art world."

Tel Aviv Museum of Art 

The display presents large-scale works from various periods in Koons' vocation, from the 1980s to the present. The works are from the his most famous series, spanning his various spectrum of tools and methods.

Koons's work gouges the distinction between "good taste" and "bad taste," merging collectively "high" with "low" culture. 

"Absolute value is a mathematical concept, symbolising size in numerical terms: the absolute value of a number is the distance between it and the zero point on the number axis."

The use of this term in the exhibition's headline raises the question of significance as a fundamental notion in his art. It features the long discussion over the attribution of importance or "value" to artistic objects. As it merges together the symbolic value and economic value, thereby creating an arena in which one tell another one apart. Grab a Jeff Koons Sculpture at Homeless Penthouse.

"The title posits Koons himself — the artist and the phenomenon — as an axiom of contemporary art: a controversial artist, a phenomenon that cannot be dismissed, a genius, and a symbol of an era."

Tel Aviv Museum of Art 

“The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is proud to host one of the greatest artists of our time, Jeff Koons - a prominent and influential figure in contemporary culture,” says Director Tania Coen-Uzzielli. “We are delighted to present Koons’s first exhibition in Israel, marking a significant cultural milestone in our country. I would like to thank Jose Mugrabi for his remarkable generosity in making this exhibition possible, offering our visitors the opportunity to experience these spectacular works of art."

Tel Aviv Museum of Art