The life-size Snorlax plushie, which stands 150cm tall, 130 cm broad, and weighs almost 12 kilos, made quite a stir among Pokemon lovers back in 2016. The craze for life-sized Pokemon plush toys waned for a while before resurfacing last year with the release of the cutest Psyduck. Slowpoke, the recently launched laid-back Pokemon plushie, is the newest addition to the life-size Pokemon collection of plushies this year.

When it comes to a Pokemon that best resembles something as relaxing as a huge soft cushion, the Slowpoke is the ideal choice – it moves at its own speed, is usually peaceful and comfortable, and is slow to react and adjust. According to Slowpoke’s official stats, excluding the 80-pound recorded weight, the Water/Psychic Type Pokemon cushion measures over five feet when the tail is included. But most significantly, it is a cozy container of joy. Imagine being one of the few lucky people squeezing the soft mouth podge on this bad boy.

The huge Slowpoke Plushie weighs about 7.8 kilos and measures 150cm long from its iconic silly-looking face to the tip of its fat tail, 65cm tall, and 75cm broad. The selling price is indicated as 49,500 yen, which is about $600, on the Pokemon Center website based in Japan.

Since then and until June 30, the Pokemon Singapore Store was accepting pre-order of the life-sized Slowpoke plushie. Although it is somewhat more expensive at almost $650, given the shipping and logistical expenses, an extra $50 would seem reasonable. Because the gigantic plushie is made-to-order, it only arrived last January or earlier this year.