Should you invest in KAWS? Well, without a doubt you should. Collecting the Kaws figurines have proven to be profitable and you can easily turn a $100 investment into a $10,000 investment. The greatest part about collecting KAWS is the fact that you can start investing from all price ranges, starting at $10. This makes collecting KAWS extremely accessible and easy to get.

You can begin by collecting magnets and keychains. The greatest part about these items is the fact that they're super cheap and you do not need to shell out a lot of money for them.

Once in the $100 dollar range you can begin collecting some figurines. These figurines are awesome because not only have they become a staple in the home of affluent artist, celebrities, and collectors, they are readily available. So you and your favorite celebs can own the same things. It evens out the playing feild without a doubt.

Once in the $1000 range, you will find that KAWS's best pieces usually lie within this range. You cannot go wrong investing in these pieces because they will without a doubt grow into a much bigger and profitable toy. Make sure to grab a toy if you see it in this range because you will definitely be happy when your investment multiplies each year!