Laura Brandenburg Bilde of Séché Studio is a creative interior designer who specializes in decorating with carpets. She was recognized as the "Best Young Designer 2012" by France Deco, one of France's biggest design magazines. She is a graduate of the renowned Séché École Du Design finishing with honors. She has also been a finalist for Eco Carpet Design Contest and has won several other awards for her work.

Carpets from Laura Brandenburg Bilde's company are sold in boutiques and showrooms throughout France, not to mention furniture stores and home decorative shops. She is a member of CARPET FRANCE and has been invited to sit on the Board for French Carpet Designers Association since 2010. Her designs are featured in several magazines, including Livingetc Magazine, France Interiors Magazine and La Maison du 21e Siecle.

She believes that carpets should be appealing to the eye and comfortable to the feet. Therefore, she only uses natural fibers from sustainable resources and prefers low VOC content in order to produce noxious fumes or toxic chemicals. She works with handcrafted fabricators in France as well as India who specialize in embroidery, weaving and tufting for her designs. As an expert in interior design, she is passionate about making spaces beautiful, comfortable and healthy. In her own words, "I was born with a very keen sense of aesthetics".

Some of Laura's design projects include fashion designer and jewelry maker, Simone Wipfler's apartment in France; the Atelier Blanc space for Reynellin furniture company in Paris' Marais district and even the famous jet-setter, Brice Augier's villa on the French Riviera.

Her most recent project is designing her own showroom where she exhibits her carpets as well as presenting her designs to clients. 

Laura's new wave carpet collection is an ode to nature, incorporating the organic shapes of waves and ripples in her designs. Her work also highlights how carpets can be used as decor accessories. The main colors in this collection are grey, charcoal, violet and navy blue with floral patterns in hues of cream, emerald green, poppy red and lime yellow. The playful combination of colors and designs speaks to Laura's passion for the avant-garde.

Laura has a personal connection to her carpets; she had used many of her own carpets in her own home and found that they helped create a dramatic appeal in an otherwise simple space. She particularly likes how they not only help set a room's décor but also are the perfect complement to her furniture and decor.

Carpets from Laura Brandenburg Bilde are sold in boutiques and show rooms throughout France, as well as furniture stores and home decorative shops. They can be seen at the newly-opened Séché Showroom.