Instagram has reportedly rallied from a turbulent year to now reach two billion monthly active users.

According to CNBC, sources from the Meta-owned firm have claimed that Instagram has now achieved a new milestone just three years after reaching one billion members in June 2018, taking the platform eight years to amass.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that those numbers were revealed, the firm has yet to disclose specific user figures in its financials; however, one of its employees speaking on condition of anonymity confirmed that Instagram reached two billion users. The company has been going through a turbulent time over the past year, with a recent drop in monthly users being blamed on a widespread exodus of its influencers.

The platform faced harsh criticism from users and investors alike when it announced that it would be increasing its algorithm-based feed while taking away the chronological order, leading people to notice how their posts were no longer visible. Additionally, the platform saw a number of high profile users exit as a result of its strict policies on nudity and other obscene content, leading some to consider migrating elsewhere. Despite those troubles, Instagram has been forced to confront these issues head-on by listening to what its community wants in order to help them grow.

According to Price Waterhouse Cooper, Instagram has amassed more than 200 million users in the US alone, representing a 42% growth in just two years. This number is expected to continue growing in 2021 with the help of new features such as IGTV and the expansion of its archive feature or IGTV. Despite the troubles that have faced Instagram over the past year, it continues to stand as the number one social media platform for influencers. It is because of this notion that there are currently more than two million active users who are taking advantage of its goldmine of data to develop their personal brands and engage with their most dedicated fans.