Instagram is working on a new set of features and tools to help influencers monetize their accounts on the social media site. Creator shops and a “branded content marketplace” are among the tools. Instagram’s current shopping services, where businesses can actively sell things, are being expanded to include the creator stores.

Creator shops would be a natural expansion of the company’s existing shopping tools, which allow companies to sell their wares. “We see a lot of influencers starting their own shops and pages as well,” Zuckerberg added. “One aspect of a content creator’s business model is that they can make fantastic content and then you can sell something, so having creator shops will be very helpful to many.”

In addition, Zuckerberg stated that the firm is developing technologies that will allow Instagram to be compensated for recommending products. Zuckerberg mentioned building an affiliate recommendation marketplace where they will be able to receive a share of the sales of items that they are recommending.

Finally, Instagram is developing a “branded content marketplace” to help influencers and advertisers connect. Such a tool, according to Zuckerberg, could help up-and-coming talents to commercialize their work and establish a type of “creative middle class.” He did not say how these arrangements would be structured, but he did say that the goal is to provide creators “extremely attractive conditions.” “We are not creating this with the intention of making a lot of money.”

The new capabilities are still in the works, but they have the potential to drastically change how influencers monetize their following on Instagram. Many of Instagram’s most popular users already have online businesses and collaborate with brands. However, for the time being, those partnerships are mostly done off-platforms, making it harder for less well-known online talents to generate money. Adding features like these to Instagram might make it simpler to attract other deals. Moreover, it would offer Instagram greater control over its creative ecosystem and encourage influencers to spend more dwell time on Instagram compared to other social media platforms.

Small businesses come in different kinds and sizes, and Instagram is home to a slew of influencers and entrepreneurs who rely on the platforms to make a living. This is vital information for any of these entrepreneurs. Influencers would be able to make money through the branded content marketplace that is being establish by matching them with advertisers. While the new tools are still in the works, they have the potential to change the way influencers and other online businesses make money on Instagram.