David Dobrik, a Slovak-born YouTube personality who progressed early on Vine's video-sharing platform, before commencing his vlog on his YouTube channel back in 2015. With little knowledge of furniture styling, he asked for his friends Reginald Castro and Natalina Mariduena's help to make his 2,700-square-foot four-bedroom house's interior look "cool". 

 "I called two of my friends from my hometown who are, like, really artsy and have a good eye for things, and I told them to just interior decorate it and make it look cool," 

Took him a while to choose the perfect home, till he got lucky to get "the best of both worlds" It was the surreal view from his backyard that captivated him located at the edge of a hill making his property slightly at risk, but it didn't deter him anyway. 

Dobrik spends most of his time in the living room other than his built-in studio, He appreciates a lot his gigantic glass doors alongside his bar table, pool table, bar cart with disposable cameras, and a gumball machine. Also, one of his favorite piece of furniture at home is the Restoration Hardware Cloud sectional. Part of His friend's DIYs were the ping pong tables and his master bedroom's black wall making his home more comfortable and fun. As Dobrik mentioned in his interview with AD

 "I wanted the vibe to be like the basement on That '70s Show where people walk in, grab something from the fridge, and chill out on the couch, even when I'm not home."

His home speaks of his personality, with the neons and several art pieces by Shelby and Sandy. Most of all, comfort was his best desire for a home. Thus, stepping into his humble house, there's a calm and fun vibe, where he feels relaxed and have a great time. As Dobrik said, "that's a pretty good representation of my videos and me."