KAWS-a famous American artist and designer from Brooklyn opened his doors for Architectural Digest's "Living with Art" issue. Sharing it together with his Wife Julia Chiang-a Brooklyn based painter, sculptor, and installation artist; with their two sunshine Sunny and Lee Donnelly. 

Donnelly acquired an entire triangle-shaped-industrial building in Brooklyn where he used to walk by, and tapped his good friend Jake Klotz with the floor set up. 

"We made it work for us," says the artist. "We have room, we have walls to hang art, and we love the indoor/outdoor space for the kids. The challenge has been to make the home feel 'cozy,' Sunny's favorite word."

He parted spaces for the family living areas. The other side is for administrative offices and art storage. Separated from his home is his art studio--where the creative process begins. While Chiang's art studio is located at home, within a reasonable reach with their kids. 

You won't expect seeing KAWS pieces in his home as he has been spending all day surrounded by his work; thus, he'd prefer going home to a more refreshing work of other artists. The varied collection of art in his home was the most exciting part of the tour—various artworks ranging from vintage to modern from local and international artists. 

Various artworks ranging from vintage to modern from local and international artists. 

 "I collect piece by piece, but then you get into it, and you just start thinking about the missing pieces." 

It is evident among all rooms of his home that the association can be seen among his different artworks in their house; featuring Takashi Murakami, George Condo,  Mike Kelley, Alex Katz, Raymond Pettibon,  and many more. 

Takashi Murakami inspired room.