The NBA legend, Scottie Pippen recently opened his Chicago home to Architectural Digest for a full-access tour. From the vast family room, intimate home theatre to the bright kitchen, His Mansion has no shortfalls for amusing visitors. Nowadays, He mainly lives in LA; however, Chicago sets a place in his heart--a vacation house. He acquired the Mediterranean-inspired residence last 2004 when he retired from the NBA, with quite a few facilities that would make it a delightful site for oblivion.

Pippen's backyard is everyone's dream recreational area; He shows off his overwhelming pool with a water slide, a grilling station, an outdoor television, and greens for his practice chipping. He says he has to because he "plays with some pretty good golfers" especially with the legendary and a friend Michael Jordan and his Bulls teammates too.

An underground feature of Pippen' 's house made the tour more adventurous, featuring his wine cellar and chill movie theatre, a small gym area, a sauna, an air hockey table and vintage Mrs. Pac-Man game. Interestingly, his Mansion has an indoor basketball court with Pippen's red number 33 Bulls jersey embezzled on his whole court floor. That room mainly is everyone's favorite. 

"Basketball has been my life. My kids sort of follow my dream of wanting to be a professional basketball player one day, so this was an addition to the house. They are always in here hooping and playing at one, two in the morning, so I felt like this was a great investment,"


His trophies and multiple awards were appropriately kept and displayed in what he calls "family trophy case" together with his kids' awards and trophies. 

His Mansion highlights his sporty side, but most of all the amenities in, he considers his kitchen to be the coolest place with its white, traditional cabinetry. According to him "I like hanging out in here. I like cooking. I like sitting here in the morning. You're able to watch the sunrise."