One of those “pushes the envelope” moments happened a few weeks ago, when Jacobs paid a visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and brought with him his bull terrier, Neville—and Neville’s two stuffed doppelgangers.

In a moment that went viral, the dog—adopted from an animal shelter in 2014—walked around with one of his stuffed doppelgangers tucked under his arm, while two other plushies waited patiently on the couch.

Jacobs explained to Fallon how Neville managed to get hold of what looked like three additional pups.

“He came home with them one day,” Jacobs said, laughing. “I mean, you live with a dog long enough and they have their ways of communicating that they need to have something or other… I love Neville so much!”

The moment was pure Marc Jacobs—a blend of offbeat, sweet, and tongue-in-cheek—and it led some to ask whether the plushies were made by the house of Marc Jacobs.

It wasn’t clear exactly who made them, but they are available for purchase online from a company called Cuddle Clones, which specializes in replicas of all kinds of furry creatures.

In a statement to Vanity Fair, Jacobs clarified that “Neville is not an employee of Marc Jacobs International. Neville is a beloved member of the Jacobs family and as I understand it was hand delivered to Cuddle Clones by Neville himself.”

He went on: “I have made many purchases from Cuddle Clones and find them to be absolutely fantastic.”

Marc Jacobs' New York townhouse is a perfect example of his taste for the ornate and theatrical. "I've been collecting since I was a child and it's just who I am," he says.

"There's something about the value of things that keep you safe. If they're valuable, then you won't get obliterated in a way that makes it dangerous for you to stand up and say this is what I believe." His home features ornate picture frames with sentimental images or messages from people he admires. Marc Jacobs's Yorkie Neville is one of his unconditional loves. "I'm an animal lover," he says. "They make you feel like you're at the center of the universe when they give you love."