The Grand Palais and the Louvre are collaborating on an interactive, digital light rendering of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. The prestigious art schools have teamed up to create an immersive walkthrough of the Mona Lisa inspired by the popular "Immersive Van Gogh" phenomenon that is sweeping the art world.

The Grand Palais has established an experiential art project called the Grand Palais Immersif, exclusively dedicated to expanding multimedia shows, as a response to the growth of digital art mediums like as NFTs.

“The time is right for this type of project, given the boom in digital art expression that is currently taking place. We are therefore happy to collaborate with the Louvre, which has actually already been working on immersive projects since 2015, not least with ‘Van Gogh Alive’, ” said Marie-Ange Brayer, director of the Grand Palais’s department of fine arts and a curator for this project.

“We are delighted with the trust placed in us by the Grand Palais to lead this project. We have an established history of working with digitization, so taking on this commission was a natural step. This type of large-scale immersive installation is very much part of our educational and curatorial mission," said Nicolas Laugero Lasserre, director of the Louvre’s Department of Painting.

The duo is collaborating on an interactive light rendering of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa and say the project was a natural step for them to take, as they have an established history with digitization and immersive installations. The ambitious exhibit will allow visitors to explore the Renaissance masterpiece via physical and virtual means, with the experience curated to place them in a world layered atop of Mona Lisa. Visitors will be able to view the painting using augmented reality devices such as HoloLens headsets, while also being able to interact with digital artifacts for an entirely "immersive" experience.

Marie-Ange Brayer is also a member of the working group set up by France's national museums authority to think about new ideas in interactive methods at art institutions.

In addition to the Mona Lisa, other immersive projects will be set up over the next few years, with the Grand Palais Immersif including around 15 more multimedia installations.

The Mona Lisa is considered one of the most famous paintings in history, attracting millions of visitors every year to view its mysterious smile.