Last year, immersive exhibits were all the rage, with Vincent Van Gogh and the Sistine Chapel among the most sought-after worldwide. That tendency does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon, as a new exhibition dedicated to Pablo Picasso has opened in San Francisco. "Imagine Picasso" is an interactive show that invites visitors to explore the artist's creative process.

The exhibit features a wide range of Picasso's work, from his early sketches to his famous Cubist pieces. It also includes some never-before-seen works, such as a sketch for the 1937 painting "Guernica." In addition to the art itself, the exhibit includes multimedia elements that provide context and insight into Picasso's life and work.

Visitors are encouraged to explore the exhibit at their own pace, and there are several interactive stations where they can try their hand at creating art themselves. "Imagine Picasso" is a fun and informative experience for art lovers of all ages.

"Imagine Picasso," created in collaboration with the Picasso Estate, features more than 200 works by the late Spanish artist in an immersive experience dubbed "the largest collection of Picasso's paintings in one collection ever." Pablo's grandson, Olivier Widmaier Picasso, added, "I think this exhibition would have delighted my grandfather a lot because he was, most of all, a man of individual liberty."

Pablos Picasso is the subject of the experiential exhibition "Imagine Picasso"

Picasso's iconic oil painting Guernica is undoubtedly the most resonant of the works on show. The painting, created in 1937 to represent the horrors of war, is widely regarded as possibly Picasso's most renowned piece, and it is recreated throughout the area, as well as the blood-red hue of the floor.The exhibition debuted in France and Canada before coming to the United States to open at San Francisco's Skylight at The Armory. If you're in the Bay Area, be sure to check out "Imagine Picasso" before it closes in mid-March.