A remarkable collaboration between IKEA and ASUS Republic of Gamers (ASUS ROG) creates a collection of gaming furniture. Releasing its first line of furniture for PC Gaming, creating core-range furniture is an advanced release that includes height adjusting desk, ergonomic chair, and other accessories. It highlights a wider tabletop that can accommodate two screens at a convenient eye span, as well as an integrated USB charging port. Its recessed edge allows cables to be kept hidden and can also be used as a resting part for the user's arms. Other impressive products include a four-wheel stand you can place your CPU on, and a neck pillow to relax between games. 

The Uppspel pegboard can store additional equipment and accessories.

Due to the Pandemic, people's gaming habits rose and somewhat demand for laptops and PCs increased. Thus, IKEA saw this opportunity to provide the best ergonomic set up as people continue to get connected online. 

The Utespelare range is more pared-back and refined

"Gaming is more than a fun past-time. It is a way to wind down and take your mind off everyday hassles and connect with people everywhere. For some, it is even a livelihood. With an ever-increasing number of gamers worldwide and a rapidly growing market, getting into gaming was a natural step for Ikea,"

For streamers, IKEA has released a ring light with phone stand

The Collection starts at USD28.00 to USD588.00, Which will be released globally sometime in October. For more information you can check it out here.