Dorm life is about to get a whole lot more stylish. With the start of college just days away, IKEA has come out with a line of affordable furniture geared toward students seeking their own style - from warehouse-style beds to modern desk sets. The collection includes bins for under the bed storage, desks that fit laptops and clothes in one, and couches that fold out into a bed.

The collection is meant to be versatile - it provides attractive solutions for students living on the go, who may not know where they'll be sleeping or studying next year, said Stephenie Lahrmann-Hauptman of the IKEA communications department.

IKEA has decided to design a new line of furniture for college students in order to compete with other big box stores that had already developed a "back to college" collection. Dorm and apartment living is becoming more and more common, especially in the United States where students are waiting longer before finding jobs after they finish university. That has been one of the motivating factors in IKEA's decision to create their own line of furniture for the student's market, which accounts for about 2% of their annual revenue. This new furniture line is one way that IKEA hopes to increase sales in this category in the future. "We wanted to make it affordable for students because they have a lot less money than adults do," said Hauptman.

While many stores sell dorm room and college living furniture, IKEA stands out by offering practical designs that students can carry with them to other stages of life. "This is something people are going to have forever," said Hauptman.