Fragment Design 

A one-person hype factory, Hiroshi Fujiwara is a remarkable designer and musician that brought hip-hop to Japan. He became a vessel for a cross-cultural exchange through his dedication to bringing Western records and style to Ura-Harajuku. It was an infectious passion for hip hop and punk that easily spread throughout Tokyo's youth culture back in the time when conservative taste was declining. His famous creative design consultancy Fragment Design brought to life astounding streetwear products throughout Nippon and worldwide. Hiroshi Fujiwara created Fragment Design as an avenue to continue his creative and marketing efforts. With the dynamism of collaboration, Fragment Design continues to build endless partnerships. 


Japanese designer based in Tokyo and Paris, Rei Kawakubo created a remarkable brand Comme des Garçons that started out as women's clothes. CDG specializes in anti-fashion, austere, sometimes deconstructed garments. It started in 80's and was recognized in Paris sometime in 90's. CDG received critiques and was dismissed by several designers; despite the criticisms, CDG flourished and continued to release innovative creation, making the brand one of the top-most featured in Paris Fashion Week up until today. 

Yohji Yamamoto 

Another pride of the Japanese Fashion Industry in bringing a cross-pollination of traditional Japanese design with contemporary perspectives, Yohji Yamamoto never ceases to amaze the crowd with his consistently conspicuous pieces throughout its 35-year history. He is considered as the master tailor--known for his avant-garde tailoring.

Issey Miyake 

A Japanese Fashion designer known for his technology-driven clothing designs. His crafts are true revolutionary pieces. He began to experiment with the methods of pleating--allowing flexibility and ease of care. The magnificent pieces of Miyake continue to keep the fashion industry in awe. There's a line that flows throughout all of Miyake's creation that leads to a genuine conclusion of fashion design as design —creating a functional item with a purpose that should improve the quality of life of the wearer. -