If you have been to the HYPE. Headquarters, you would most likely find yourself in the middle of a NERF gun battle. Shootouts with foam darts are apparently rather popular there, and now you be fully prepared for your own HYPE. X NERF duel with a pair of limited-edition blasters.

HYPE. has approached almost ten years in business, and the UK brand’s rapid growth continues throughout the years. The brand has claimed that they have come a long way since only selling printed t-shirts. To this day, their full collection now comprises of more than simply backpacks and t-shirts, and it now includes, menswear, womenswear, and childrenswear.

The lifestyle brand HYPE. has teamed up with NERF to produce a set of ultra-limited blasters, continuing its run of partnerships with cultural giants including E.T. NERF fights are known to be a favorite pastime within the HYPE. HQ crew for channeling energy.

Adding NERF blasters to the mix feels like a logical match for the brand’s philosophy. The HYPE. appearance may be seen on two different types of blasters. The first one uses blue, cyan, green, and purple from HYPEcore.’s color palette. The second is printed with a stealth heat map in green, navy, orange, and yellow. Each of the blasters come with six special darts with the trademark of NERF’s white base and orange top with dual branding imprinted on it, as well as its own original packaging.

The NERF Disruptor, which has a revolving drum that stores up to six darts, is used in both soft-play toy weapons. The Disruptor has a quick-draw mechanism and “Slam-Fire” trigger, which can let you quickly fire all six darts all at once. The darts have a range of up to 90 feet.

The ultra-limited HYPE. x NERF blasters have been given away as part of the brand’s larger promotion efforts, which began last May.