Nigo's HUMAN MADE has revealed a new Spring/Summer 2022 "MILITARY BAG" collection following the debut of its labrador retriever design for its "DOG" Capsule earlier this month.

Season 23 of THE NORTH FACE's backpacks includes six distinct carrying methods, each with its own distinctive HELMET BAG tote adorned in nylon and featuring a variety of embroidered patches. A military backpack is used to carry heavy stuff, while an orange bag-in-bag can be used to arrange little miscellaneous items. Finally, small pouches with military-style webbing are available for purchase. The bags will be available for purchase at HUMAN MADE’s online store.

Nigo has always been a big fan of outdoor apparel and gear. One of his earliest solo brand, NIGO® UT (which initially started as a T-shirt line in 1993), includes a wide variety of the utilitarian pieces such as parkas, fleeces, backpacks, duffel bags and bucket hats. HUMAN MADE has continued this by designing a capsule collection for THE NORTH FACE's "DOG" line, which features the brand’s signature HELMET BAG tote in nylon adorned with embroidered patches. The patchwork is meant to signify different phases of life, from birth and school to work and death.

His love for the outdoors and gear has extended to the winter season with the IRIE BOYS REAL COOL SHOP, which is a part of PORTER's new flagship store in Tokyo. For his latest collab, Nigo has recently teamed up with THE NORTH FACE once again for a capsule collection celebrating its 50th anniversary.

As he explains in a recent interview, Nigo's love for outdoor gear stems from his family's business of manufacturing parkas and backpacks. In the mid-80s, as a kid, he would hang out at his father's factory to check out their latest products.He has described his personal style as "NIGO® Style", which he describes as "the lowest common denominator." While an avid collector of vintage clothing (he even runs a vintage boutique in Japan), he is very interested in the latest products and collaborations.